With half the world now content producers, there’s a real need for editorial expertise in branded content. Consumers demand quality if they’re going to invest their time and money into a brand, so every piece of content that enters the public domain has to entertain and inform them, bringing them closer to your brand.

But, with so many content producers out there – some professional, many amateur – why should you entrust a content marketing agency with your brand? Here are five very good reasons.

1. Journalistic experience
Content marketing agencies produce publications, websites, digital and video content with exactly the same expert touch and flair as their non-branded cousins. In fact, many editors, designers and writers have already had years of experience working on magazines, newspapers and their digital versions, before they entered the content marketing industry, bringing with them all the skills and contacts necessary to produce top-quality content that will grab the reader’s attention and keep them hooked.

2. Brand knowledge
Every piece of content produced by a content marketer is exactly right for the brand, speaking directly to their customer using relevant and accessible editorial or video. Knowing how to do this comes from lengthy brand research, with all team members digging deep to find out the values of a brand, who their customers are, and what it wants to achieve with its content. Content marketing is highly targeted because everyone involved knows who they are targeting and why.

3. Customer connection
Everyone involved in producing content has an instinctive feel for what resonates with a reader, Whether it’s a striking headline, great story, stunning image or fantastic functionality, they understand how to connect with a customer and create a strong relationship. Building this bond of trust is key to then guiding them towards taking action, seamlessly moving from the branded content to the brand itself.

4. Leaders in creativity
Content marketing is one of the most creative industries in media. Agencies know that to attract and keep the attention of a customer that’s bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages a day, they have to produce something special. Many of the country’s top designers and editors are attracted to the content marketing industry because of the freedom it gives them to use their creative talent and break out of the template-driven culture experienced at many commercial operations.

5. Integration expertise
With many content marketing agencies now offering online, digital and video content as well as print publications, they can create a fully integrated campaign under one roof. This not only ensures that all content platforms work seamlessly with one another, but gives the brand a single point of contact for all content production.

Sam Upton