“Sam Upton has been retained for a number of years by the CMA as the editor and copywriter of all our collateral and literature across all media channels. As the Content Marketing Association, our information always has to be top class to reflect our fast-growing and diverse membership, and Sam has never let us down. He understands the interpretation and execution of wide-ranging briefs and always delivers on time and on budget, rapidly becoming an expert on any topic we ask him to produce content on. He is also entirely confidential, professional and knows when to ask the right questions at the right time.”
Patrick Fuller, CEO, Content Marketing Association

“Print Power has quickly established itself as a must-read magazine for brand owners and media decision makers who need to understand the complex relationships between different media channels in a multimedia world. Sam has been largely responsible for creating the look and feel of the publication and, as editor, is fully responsible for maintaining the variety and integrity of the content. He has a valuable ability to focus and get on with the job, but is also able to adapt and amend according to shifting deadlines and publisher priorities.”
Martyn Eustace, CEO, Print Power Europe 

“With an already flourishing product such as Army magazine which has achieved industry recognition, total target audience buy-in and also has such a strong record of contribution towards the Army’s recruiting objective, it is unexpected to find in a new editor someone with both the vision and ability to take the publication to even higher plains of excellence. There is always a danger of a publication becoming predictable, or locked in a formulaic approach; not so with Sam Upton. Not only is Sam considered by his clients as a thoroughly engaged colleague and advisor, but he has ensured that Army magazine has stayed in formation with the Army’s developing requirements every step of the way.”
Mark Bainbridge, Marketing Director, Army Recruiting Group

“Congratulations to all concerned on an excellent first issue. This kind of impact always makes our job easier.”
Ralph Tabberer, Chief Executive, Teacher Training Agency

“In only a year working on the magazine, Sam has captured the brand, the audience, the objectives and the language with an explosive impact worthy of a missile. If I was 17, I’d join up.”
APA Awards judging panel for ARMY magazine