Successfully thinking through content strategy, brand values and media approach, before creating sample pages and documents for a campaign pitch is one of the most satisfying aspects of our work, and we’ve been fortunate enough to work on pitches for some of the industry’s biggest contracts for some of its biggest publishers.

For a content marketing pitch to be successful, it needs to present creative and strategic thinking that fully understands the client and their market. It needs to take their existing marketing collateral and push it forward so that the prospective agency not only demonstrates their expertise and understanding, but shows that they have a firm commitment to the prospective client and a wealth of talent and idea to offer. These are the principles we’ve always used when working on pitches – principles that have resulted in agencies winning six-figure contracts on many occasions.

While non-disclosure agreements prevent us from providing examples of strategy documents or creative work, a selection of the brands we’ve successfully pitched to include:

• British Airways
• The British Army
• Metropolitan Police
• McLaren
• Argos
• Peugeot
• Royal Mail
• Sony
• Rocco Forte Hotels
• Volkswagen

As well as pitching to prospective clients, we’ve also worked client-side, assessing prospective agencies and advising the client company on which agency would be most suitable.