With an industry value in excess of £1billion, content marketing is one of the biggest things to happen to media in the past decade. You may know it as customer publishing, brand-generated content or even post-advertising, but whatever you call it, content marketing is big business.

Content marketing is the use of digital or print content commissioned by a brand designed to engage with a consumer. That engagement allows the brand to build a relationship with that consumer, compelling them to take action either in the short term (eg. buy more product) or long term (eg. increase loyalty).

Brands of every shape and size now use content as a key part of their marketing strategy. Google, Coca-Cola, BSkyB, Volkswagen, Barclays, Land Rover, British Airways, Virgin – all global superbrands that have had fantastic results on the back of content generated by editorial experts. Add to that the companies, businesses, organisations, institutions, departments, trade bodies and charities that also use content marketing, and you have a media channel that’s used across every sector in every industry.

Whether it’s a monthly magazine, online experience, mobile app or targeted e-newsletter, all brands understand the power of editorialised content and its ability to draw the consumer into its world. You may want to change your customers’ perception of your brand, raise awareness of a new product, kick-start a global campaign, keep your brand front-of-mind, or simply increase sales. Whatever you want to achieve, content is the ideal tool to get through to your customers and keep them hooked.

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